Use of Email

The Association is continually endeavouring to drive down costs in order to help subsidise functions. A sizeable proportion of the annual cost of running the Association is that of postage to send out the newsletter and details of the various functions. It is much quicker, easier and cheaper to do this by e-mail. There are also significant advantages to members in the use of e-mail: you need only print out what you want to read, you can use a larger font in order to read material more easily, some items have colour to enhance their interest, it is more interactive and uses less rainforest.

There are about 2000 members living in the UK of whom about 120 receive information through the post. We recognise that some members do not have, and never will have, e-mail, and they will always receive information through the post. Others are on e-mail but prefer hard copy. But I know that many of the 600 are on e-mail and would not object to receiving information on-line.

So if you have got this newsletter through the post but you do have e-mail and are happy for subsequent communication to be done electronically, then please let me know by supplying your details which you can do by clicking here.

News & Forthcoming Events

SWOA Social Events

30 March 2017

Annual Dinner  HMS
7th June 2017

Glorious 1st June Dinner

8th June 2017 Communications and Signal Officers Dinner HMS COLLINGWOOD
29th June 2017 Portobello CTP HMS VICTORY
21st July 2017 St Barbara CTP FORT NELSON
15th September 2017 Annual Golf Challenge Comms lead


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